Vision & Mission


PACT’s Vision 

  • To become the best player in Asia in water and wastewater treatment area and expand our service worldwide.

PACT’s Values

  • Customer Satisfaction
    Our growth and sustainability are conditioned on customer satisfaction. PACT will apply all of its skills and resources to achieving customer satisfaction.
  • Excellence
    The very nature of our business demands excellence. This means superior knowledge and constant diligence in what we do. We foster professional excellence by promoting teamwork and creating working conditions that are conductive to professional development.
  • Pragmatic & Open
    We are an engineering and contracting company, taking pragmatic approach in our daily tasks is the foundation of our success. We are open to new ideas, whether provided by our staff or clients, to insure continuous renewal and update of PACT technologies and management procedures. This is a key to company growth. 

PACT’s Mission 

  • To apply best available environmental technologies for manufacturing facilities to eliminate and prevent polluting elements from entering our water resources.
  • To provide cost effective solutions which can encourage industrial investment in wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Our ultimate mission is to contribute to a green environment to be enjoyed by humanity in current and future generations.