Filter Press

Belt Filter Press

PACT WGM have been engaged in the research and manufacturing of seperation equipment for 30 years and have supplied more than 3000 filter press units for more than 30 industries, including, chemical, metallurgy , and environmental protection industries. .PACT WGM makes and produces the frame, box , belt , and concentrating dewatering filter press. We can supply singular and entire equipment systems to customers.


CDYA and CDYC are advanced separating systems, which can operate continuously. They include, a driving system, a gravity dewatering system, belts, a washing belts system, guide rollers, an automatic protection system, a filter cake removal system, a pneumatic control tank, and an electric control panel . 

Frame Filter Press   

The frame filter presses of PACT WGM are widely used in industrial and municipal solid-liquid separation processes. Frame filter presses are suitable for wide sludge separation applications by filtering suspended solid which the grain size is more than 5μm and with a dry solid contentbetween 0.1%-60%, they also filter sludge's, often not easily filtered, the dry solid content of filter cake is nominally 5-20% higher than other press cakes.